Project Description


Since 2002, Vigoss USA has highlighted the inherent beauty of denim, by creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics. From washes to hardware, Vigoss USA pays the utmost attention to each pair of jeans. Today, Vigoss USA continues to push the boundaries of quality, design, and fit through the integration of new materials and construction, making for great collections that transcend seasons, lifestyles, and trends.
Vigoss USA is a completely vertical operation from the beginning stages of concept and design, which includes weaving our own denim from cotton imported from the US and Australia to the cutting, sewing, laundering, finishing, and shipping. Controlling all of the design and manufacturing under one roof makes the Vigoss USA brand truly unparalleled in the denim world.
In the last 2 years Vigoss USA has implemented Ozone Technology in their denim production, a process that significantly reduces the company’s water consumption, pollution, and use of harmful chemicals. This eco-friendly laundry process produces a cleaner finish to the jean in a much quicker time frame and uses no water during its cycle.